Monday Morning Mix Volume 1.

Jai Paul.

Sunday morning’s are for reflection. Monday mornings are for moving on, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to do exactly that. A good song can help with that no end.

Also, I really love making playlists so honestly this is just a fun little diversion.

I’ve got pretty eclectic tastes, so I like to think that in this eight song selection there might just be something for everyone. I’ll start by talking through my mix a little, linking each song individually as we go, then end with a full Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page.

Denzel Curry feat. Rick RossBIRDZ

Ooft we start with a banger it’s a banger it’s a banger. Nothing else to say.

Mystic JungleParisienne

Shout out to Bandcamp for getting out and about and chatting to and about artists like Mystic Jungle. Turns out Neapolitan Funk is right up my alley, but the chances of me actually organically coming across a track like this are pretty slim, so I’m thrilled to share it. A classy head bobber that feels like stepping off a plane into a gorgeous Mediterranean land, with a cool breeze across the face and a swift aperol spritz in hand.

Wizaard – Green Dollar Bills

Mmm. Funky stuff here, and when that chorus hits you’ll wish you were in car, windows down, sun setting. As it is, I’m sat in my bedroom looking out my window at the rain, but Wizaard are transporting me, and I love that.

Jai Paul – He

Jai Paul is back! Apparently. I’m afraid I wasn’t aware of him back in 2012, and so wasn’t really aware that he had been away. But no hate, because he’s back with a couple of stunners. He is a funky low-fi nocturnal mirage of a track and makes me happy Jai Paul is here at all, let alone back.

Pale SpringHappening

Pale Spring is a project led by multi-instrumentalist, singer, lyricist and Baltimore born but Los Angeles based, Emily Harper Scott. Despite her American heritage this track, and her debut LP Cygnus, reminds me mostly of British sounds out of the 90s, with spacey scattered beats and ghostly vocals reminiscent of the trip-hop scene which came out of Bristol.

Sofia Bolt – Waves (Van Dyke Parks Edit)

When this track opens you could be mistaken for thinking you’re hearing the beginning of a new Bond theme, but as the Franco-American comes in with her understated, clear as daylight vocals you’ll be thinking of the cafes of her native Paris, cool, classy, a little aloof perhaps. But she also doesn’t hide the influence of her new surroundings, with a laid back LA surfer vibe coming through strong.

whenyoung – A Labour Of Love

Soaring, arms in the air, belting the chorus song writing here. It isn’t exactly boundary breaking, but Aoife Power’s singing backed by the powerful pop ballad instrumentation serves up something just irresistible.

Juan Wauters – Dos

A short and sweet slice of Uruguayan acoustic, I don’t know a huge amount of Juan Wauters and I certainly don’t speak his language, but the pleasantly melancholic tone and stripped-back instrumentation of this track speak to me regardless.

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