Monday Morning Mixtape Vol. 2

On this gloriously miserable and misley Monday I’m on holiday, so I don’t exactly need help jump starting my week, but good tunes are good tunes, and if the sky isn’t going to brighten anytime soon it’ll have to be the music which helps me keep up the away-from-work vibes.

MUNA – Number One Fan

MUNA’s Spotify bio speaks of capturing the vibe of the “euphoric dancefloor” as well “bedroom solitude” – here they take the listener from that self-imposed emo haven, outwards on a journey of self-appreciation that will indeed most likely culminate in some form of awkward but whogivesashit style dancing.

Husky Loops – Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me

A funky but late-night-woozy jam from the arty rock band that formed in London, but hails from Bologna, Italy. Gleefully strange, and full of seemingly dissonant elements which come together in the mix very nicely.

Σtella – Samba

Samba is a disco track for people crying on the inside. It’s sweet as honey and smooth as butter on the outside, but the Athens-based artists’ vocals and lyrics offer up something more bitter but equally irresistible.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Crime Pays

These two hook up and nail it again. You see those two names on a track, give it a go. Just do it. This one floats a super-chill beat that Gibbs rides over with a versatile flow and deeper and darker lyrics than the fizzy instrumental might suggest.

Sampa The Great – Final Form

Yeah this is an absolute banger. It takes it’s eclectic influences, soul, hip-hop, rnb, traditional African beats, and blends them into a total head nodder upon which Sampa The Great delivers a flawless rap performance.

Channel Tres – Sexy Black Timberlake

From the title you might suppose this song isn’t taking itself particularly serious, and for sure it is pretty funny, a little tongue-in-cheek, but it DOES take making a supremely dance-able, slick tune, very seriously, and it completely checks that box.

Yeasayer – Ecstatic Baby

It’s a very danceable mixtape this week, must be because I’m on holiday. Anyway, Yeasayer have released a whole album of immediate, often brief, and always groovy rock songs – here’s the bloody weird video to one of them. Enjoy.

Goldlink – U Say ft. Tyler, The Creator, Jay Prince

Yeah, like I said I guess this mixtape has an accidental theme. Another tune that would be easy to groove to. Jay Prince and Tyler are perfect guests in GoldLink’s home here, creating an ideal early summer jam. It’s a little surprising to hear Tyler slip back into full rapper mode after IGOR but it serves as a reminder to not forget about his versatility, he nails his verse.

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