I Can’t Stop Playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

I started playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey before I started writing this blog.

Every Saturday I try and write a post about whatever game has been diverting my attention the most during the week. I did not anticipate having to write, once again, about Odyssey. There are new games, big and small, cheap and pricey, springing about all over the place. Some of them are probably even pretty good. I will play Super Mario Maker 2, for sure, but for now I cannot tell you how it is.

Because of Odyssey.

When I turned it on the other evening I found another Lost Tales of Greece storyline had been added, and since it started from my ship and that was where I loaded I began it right away and there went the evening, there went any hope of actually progressing towards the finish line. I’ve not even got the Season Pass, but I can’t rule out not going for it. The nuttier environments and fantasy elements of the DLC are certainly tempting. But how many hours will that add? Haven’t I got anything better to do?

Apparently not.

It’s just a very fulfilling game. In the higher levels it does become a bit of a grind to upgrade my preferred weapons and armour, but I can’t say I’m not having fun when I set out on the high seas to raid Athenian ships for supplies. And then, when I’m all loaded up, I head back to land to quest and fight and wage war, and there’s so much questing and fighting and waging to be done, I struggle to see an end in sight.

Everything moves at a breakneck speed, everything is designed for you to have a damn good time whilst you do it. The world is massive, but the speed of movement and fast travel options means it is traversed with ease. It is the opposite open world experience to something like Red Dead Redemption 2, a game I loved, and with a more profound and lingering story, but a game which is no longer installed on my Xbox.

Odyssey remains.

Also it has a great photo mode, and that really does go a long way to buying my heart.

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