Katana Zero…reviewed in 150 words.

Developer: Askiisoft Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch

Played on: Switch

Zero is an assassin working for a man who doubles as his psychiatrist. He is also addicted to a time bending drug which allows him to slow time and experience multiple future eventualities, meaning when he “dies” to an enemy he only resets with new knowledge to put towards victory.

This loop of experimentation and execution is a thrill soundtracked by exhilarating retro electro. Success is rewarded with a real time replay, putting your slow-motion bullet deflecting antics into glorious real time.

But it is Zero’s story which makes this game stand tall. Although you dictate dialogue choices on his behalf, Zero’s past weighs heavy, and it is unclear whether or not you can divert him from the path which has been set, so between the ultra-violence and banging tunes this little masterpiece manages to explore concepts of free will, memory, and consequence.

Verdict: more like…Katana Nine (out of ten)

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