Commonwealth Concluded

And so the sun sets on this trilogy of adventures with our boy Brando. He hasn’t found his son. He hasn’t entered the Institute. But he has set up an interconnected network of post-apocalyptic settlements of which he is the de facto Emperor, and that was all he ever wanted. The settlement system in Fallout… Continue reading Commonwealth Concluded

Return to the Commonwealth

No matter how detailed we are in our criticism of a text, at the end of the day it either connects with us, or it doesn’t. Sometimes something might connect with you despite your criticism. Sometimes you may critique two separate texts in identically positive ways, and yet you may only connect with one of… Continue reading Return to the Commonwealth

Ding Dong XL…reviewed in 150 words

Developer: Nickervision Studios Publisher: Nickervision Studios Available on: PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch Played on: Switch A review shouldn’t be too concerned with spent effort, or price. If a wonderful film is wonderful more from luck than effort, it is still wonderful. If a terrible game is terrible despite thousands of hours of gruelling development, it… Continue reading Ding Dong XL…reviewed in 150 words