Ding Dong XL…reviewed in 150 words

Developer: Nickervision Studios Publisher: Nickervision Studios

Available on: PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch

Played on: Switch

A review shouldn’t be too concerned with spent effort, or price. If a wonderful film is wonderful more from luck than effort, it is still wonderful. If a terrible game is terrible despite thousands of hours of gruelling development, it is still terrible, and price can’t change that.

So, it doesn’t matter this only costs £0.89.

It is a simple game, initially for mobile, with one button input. It’s brilliant.

Time your button presses to move the circle from one side of the screen to the other. Avoid the shapes, grab the powerups. That’s it.

But the almost obnoxious, but actually just brilliant neon colours which bombard your eyeballs, combined with the addictive score-chasing loop, puts you in that zone of pure flow which demands that you smash the restart button the moment that you inevitably fail.

Verdict: The best XL Ding Dong you’ll have in your hands all year.

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