Beautiful Places

I want this training journal to be more of, well, a journal. Which is to say I want it to be more immediate, more reflective, and more…more. That means an increased frequency of shorter posts which look back on a day of training, or even just on my running life beyond the day-in-day out of feet-on-road, as if it were literally a diary. 

Except, I’m letting people read it. 

I’m quite a private person, but when it comes to running I think sharing my subjective thoughts is more interesting (and more helpful) than sticking all my hard data up on Strava – not that I’m knocking that! It’s just not for me. Ultimately keeping a training journal is going to be more useful to me than it is to any of you, but I like talking and writing about running, so I might as well put it out there.

Even now I am able to look back on these posts over the months and see my progression, and even see how my running tastes have changed. For instance, I can see how I have developed a recent hunger for hills, trails, and more exploratory running. 

To that point, I present this: 

Short Runs in Beautiful Places, by Jen and Sim Benson. 

This simple but wonderfully presented book from the National Trust showcases a bunch of lovely little runs (usually under 10km, and usually circular routes) all around the UK. It’s only just arrived, but one of the runs is only 7 miles away from me, so I should think I’ll be having a go at that peaceful fen saunter first, but I’m looking forward to exploring runs near and far from me as the year goes on. 

Give it a year or so, and hopefully I’ll be able to look back at this blog and see all the short (and probably long) runs I’ve done in some of these beautiful places that this book has revealed to me. 

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