Gimme Shelter

I wanted to put in some long easy miles yesterday but it was hellishly windy. A bit of wind is nice. It keeps the air moving around the body, cooling you, drying the sweat a little. A lot of wind is terrible. A stiff headwind can make any pace feel gruelling, and can turn an easy run into a slog.

But before I headed out the door, I had an idea.

Although I wasn’t able to avoid it entirely, I found another wonderful reason to use the woods to run in:


Sure, I had to be on the lookout for falling branches, but it wasn’t exactly hurricane force – the trees weren’t falling like dominoes. Even with this added caution, I was able to keep my effort nice and easy. Plus the uncomfortable conditions meant that I had the woods pretty much to myself (not that there’s too many others around early in the morning) and that sense of peace is really hard to beat.

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