Here we are on Hallows Eve, and I’m taking on a really classic classic in celebration. It is a story that we all know, or a story that we all think we know at the very least. In the afterglow of having actually read the book for myself, I can say most certainly that I… Continue reading Frankenstein

The Shining

It's Halloween week. For the most part I really don't care about that, sorry, but as you may already know I am using it as an excuse to expand my horror knowledge by getting in to some classic genre fiction. Yesterday I went cult, today I'm going full blown mainstream blockbuster horror writing. It could… Continue reading The Shining

Pride and Prejudice – (Classically Lacking)

Pride and Prejudice is about gender norms in 19th century society. It is about the supposed duty of marriage. It is about injustice, imbalance, and inequality. But how qualified am I to talk about that? All I want is to express that in 2019, Pride and Prejudice is worth turning back to, because it is still funny.