Sunday Morning Stuff 15/09

And so another week trots on by as the year disappears, and boy is it disappearing. Strictly is on the telly, the leaves are changing colour, and oh what’s that? You’re saying that the shops have got Christmas bits in already? Yes of course they have. OF COURSE THEY HAVE. Every year I try not… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 15/09

Sunday Morning Stuff 18/08

Here we are, Sunday morning. The coffee is brewed. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Work is awaiting. Fantastic. Really great. A Sunday however, is a Sunday, and on this seventh day I always take a look at all the new and old and new-old stuff that’s (mostly) been keeping me occupied through… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 18/08

Sunday Morning Stuff 11/08

Sods Law, or if you’re American Murphy’s Law, means if something can go wrong it will go wrong. I in Britain it also means that the “wrong” will happen at the worst possible time. So, I take a week off work, thinking about all the running I’ll be able to do and yes of course… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 11/08

Sunday Morning Stuff 02/06

It’s June, which is evidence that time is in fact a cruel trick. Where has May gone? Not Theresa, I should say, she’s still around for a few days longer, I mean the month. Regardless, it’s hot. Summer is…here? Always risky saying that in the UK, jackets have to stay within reach at all times.… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 02/06