Sunday Morning Stuff 04/08

Buongiorno. I don’t what it is with me and the Italian language, but I’ve always wanted to learn it, and I’ve tried several times. It would be far more practical to pursue one of the languages that I began at school - French or Spanish - but I just…don’t want to. What I’m saying is… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 04/08

Sunday Morning Stuff 28/07

I nearly always end up writing about the weather in the introduction to these posts, I don’t know why. I don’t really need to write an introduction at all, I could just dive right in and talk about the week’s stuff, it’s all fairly self-explanatory. But there’s something off about that. I feel like we… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 28/07

Sunday Morning Stuff 21/07

Another week, another Sunday Morning Stuff. But this time I’m actually here on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee pre-long run writing this out as I always intended, a little Orville Peck on in the background. Very chill indeed. So let’s get right into it and take a little look at all the… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 21/07

Sunday Morning Stuff 30/06

Sunday Morning Stuff is back and I’m writing it on a terribly warm Saturday night because on actual Sunday morning I’ll be going to work and... It’s hot. Difficult to think about anything else other than how hot it is. We’re just not really cut out for 30 degrees here in Blighty, no one has… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 30/06

Sunday Morning Stuff 09/06

I guess the weather forecast for the next week would just have to be poor, since I’m booked in to go camping during my upcoming week off. How un-British would it be to decide to enjoy its countryside without wet weather attempting to hamper your experience? What else would we have to talk about? Brexit?… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 09/06

Sunday Morning Stuff 02/06

It’s June, which is evidence that time is in fact a cruel trick. Where has May gone? Not Theresa, I should say, she’s still around for a few days longer, I mean the month. Regardless, it’s hot. Summer is…here? Always risky saying that in the UK, jackets have to stay within reach at all times.… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 02/06