Plan B, C, D…

Weird times. Is it as bad as it seems? Or is it worse? I don’t know, and chances are neither do you, and neither does the bloke in the bar proclaiming the coronavirus to, actually, be a global conspiracy to install a regime of martial law around the world.

Insert eye roll. Anyway.

Spend less time in big groups is the basic principle to follow, and we can be cool with that, can’t we? It seems particularly possible when I consider the nature of this blog, which is to discuss reading, and to discuss running. Two not-necessarily-solitary activities which are in fact often enjoyed in isolation no matter the circumstances.

Anyway, there’s not a lot to this post. Just encouragement to get out in nature and enjoy your own space, and to open a book, flick open a kindle, revel in some quiet.

There’s not much point pretending this is a high point in our history, but it’s encouraging to see people try their hardest to find the positives.

If you’re a runner looking for motivation after a race cancellation I’ll point you in the direction of and their Plan B scheme, which is raising money to support the fight against the virus, and offering inspiration and reward for runners in these bizarre times.

I’ll be cracking on trying to hit 200km of distance before April 30th. I would probably have reached this goal anyway considering my current trajectory, so ideally I’m looking to be hitting that target around the 19th, a month from writing this.   

All the races I had planned are out of the window. All of the group training sessions are cancelled. Running though, is still on the cards, and I’m a long way from stopping.

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