Coffee, Banana, Running Fast.

I don’t usually struggle to get out and run in the mornings. I’ve been consistent enough throughout the year that it just happens without really thinking about it too much, but when a run isn’t just a run, when it’s a workout, then things can be a bit challenging. It can be tough to wake up and immediately find the motivation to get out the door and really get after it with a tough interval session, but a quick cup of coffee, a banana, and I tend to get out the door without thinking too hard about it. 

When it comes to running hard, thinking doesn’t really come into the equation. You don’t have to think. You just have to do it. Thinking can come afterwards. Did I run hard enough? Could I have run faster? How do I take care of myself during recovery? In the moment you’ve just got to grit your teeth and move your feet. Do that – yeah sure it’ll hurt a bit because that’s the point – and you might even have fun. 

At least, I did this morning. It was a struggle to get out, but 3 x (800m, 1 min recovery, 300m) was tough, but fair. Sweaty, but fun. The 800m’s were clocked at about 5k pace (just under 5:40 pace) and the 300m’s were a bit quicker, pushing sub 5 minute a mile pace. I then knocked out 4 x 100mish strides just to make sure my legs tasted a little extra quick turnover. 

So much of running fitness comes down to consistency, but if you want to run fast you’ve got to practise running fast, and when it comes down to it running fast can be fun, in the most childish sense of the word. Done once or twice a week it is actually a real tonic for whatever else might be going on in your life, because there’s just no room for thinking. Grit your teeth, move your feet. 

Maybe crack a smile when it’s done. 

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