Taking it Easy.

I’ve been off work for a week in an unfortunate collision with the second lockdown, but hey it’s a good excuse to just train, right? 

Well yes. And no. 

Training, yes. Training hard, no. 

I’ve done no particularly hard training this week. It’s the start of a new block of training, and as always the most important thing is to add some mileage into the ol’ aerobic tank, so the name of the game has been easy time on legs. 

This included a long walk as well as easy running. With all this free time I thought it might be good to do something which took a bit longer, so I grabbed the best day of the week and walked my way through about 3 and a half hours of it. I don’t know how much physical benefit I’m getting from an 11 mile walk, I’m sure it does something, but mostly I think it’s just good to mix things up, and spending extended periods of time outdoors can only be good for the noggin. 

Beyond the walk I’ve chalked up 60 minutes easy, 90 minutes easy, and a 3 mile tempo run sandwiched betwixt 4 miles of e a s y

I’ve also started committing a bit more time to cross training, doing 30km on the exercise bike, two little rowing sessions, a leg strength workout, and a couple of 10 minute core routines. Maybe that sounds like a bit much for an easy week, but I’ve got time on my hands and none of those workouts were intense. Over the weekend, which is looking real capital-C-Crappy weather wise, I’ll try and chalk up another couple of hours of easy running with some strides thrown in, just to start moving the legs at a higher turnover after a couple of weeks off from speed workouts. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll start dripping in the faster stuff, but I’ll be retaining these easy miles and cross training sessions. The idea is to build as much strength and aerobic fitness as possible, so that when I’m hitting doubles, and moving quickly more frequently, my body will be able to withstand the increased pressure. 

Also, easy miles are just…nice. 

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