Told Me So

Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash Journaling my training is not just an exercise in record keeping, but in the notation of feeling, sensation, practice, so that when I come back to these posts in six months I can learn something, what worked, what didn’t. When I come back to this post what I’ll probably just think is… Continue reading Told Me So

Yoga, Tracking, and a Bridge Too Far.

After a week of being injured but actually not really dealing with the fact that I was injured correctly - as in I wasn’t actually resting - I finally convinced myself to stand down for a few days. Which is theoretically unhelpful when comes to my weekly running post but in reality not running is… Continue reading Yoga, Tracking, and a Bridge Too Far.

Hip Pain, a Joyride, and a Sense-Sational Run.

Ouch. Okay, I suppose it makes sense. I suppose really I should have seen this coming. I upped the mileage, I upped the effort, and now…I’m injured. Maybe it’s not too bad, but that’s five days without any running of significant note. About a mile into my recovery run on Monday morning after my first… Continue reading Hip Pain, a Joyride, and a Sense-Sational Run.