Racing (?)

My training of late has been good. Maybe too good, according to a twinge in my quad, and a slight ache in my fascia. They aren’t injuries, thankfully a few days off cured them both, but they could have been. They were niggles, warning signs resulting from a pushing of the running envelope. Careful now,… Continue reading Racing (?)

On Hills

Within running distance of my house is the lowest point in the United Kingdom: Holme Fen, nine feet below sea level. Hearing athletes talk about the benefits of high altitude training, or espousing on the strengthening qualities of vertical running, whilst I live and run in one of the flattest, lowest points of Earth that… Continue reading On Hills

Reflections on Running through Lockdown.

When lockdown restrictions were first put in place in March, I assumed that my work would be deemed non-essential and I’d be off. This did not happen. In fact, what happened was that I ended up working more than usual. Things have now calmed somewhat. The country is attempting (perhaps prematurely, but time will time)… Continue reading Reflections on Running through Lockdown.

Runners Book Club: Today We Die A Little.

 Emil Zátopek (September 1922 - November 2000) is one of the greatest Olympians of all time. He is one of the ultimate distance runners.  Why? I don’t know. Or, I didn’t.  All I knew was the name, and a place. Emil Zátopek. Czechoslovakia. Having read this book, written by Richard Askwith, I now know what… Continue reading Runners Book Club: Today We Die A Little.


Photo by Geronimo Giqueaux on Unsplash With track training cancelled for the foreseeable future, and races off the table, now seems as good a time as ever to build a solid base of fitness, turning over some quality mileage in order to accumulate a greater aerobic capacity. Still, to do that you have to be fit, and a… Continue reading Feeling…fit?

A 5k PB, Winter Training Tips, and a Waterside Marathon.

Photo by Jennifer Birdie Shawker on Unsplash Welcome to the Runners Corner of Some Words On... where I take time out from talking about books, movies, and all my mostly nerdy exploits to write a little about one which is a little less about sitting quietly on the sofa and a little more about getting up out of… Continue reading A 5k PB, Winter Training Tips, and a Waterside Marathon.

Rutland Night Run, A Barefoot Bonanza, and Desert Dedication.

Welcome to the Runners Corner of this little blog of bits and bobs. Mostly this is a place for, you know, nerd stuff. Books, films, and games. But when I’m not sat on my skinny arse in-doors sucking up some hot fresh content, I’m out running. Because everyone needs something to keep them sane. Every… Continue reading Rutland Night Run, A Barefoot Bonanza, and Desert Dedication.

Running Wet, Running Hungry, and Running for Soup.

Photo by Inge Maria on Unsplash I wouldn’t say that I’m a fair-weather runner, but with a treadmill easily accessible to me I do, fairly frequently, ditch my road runs for treadmill sessions when the weather is grim. Recently the weather has indeed been particularly grim, and although I still believe there are benefits to running on the… Continue reading Running Wet, Running Hungry, and Running for Soup.

Recovering Slow, Thinking Fast, and a Ring of Fire.

The Slow Road. I’ve been injured plenty of times in my relatively short running career and the one consistent thing across every niggle, every strain and pain and snap, is the frustration. I’ve probably never been in as good shape as I had been before I over-did it a month ago and sent myself hurdling… Continue reading Recovering Slow, Thinking Fast, and a Ring of Fire.