The 5 before the 10.

Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash Running does not necessitate racing, and being a good racer and being a good runner do not automatically go hand in hand. To be a good racer you probably need to be a good runner in the first place, and although I’m too inexperienced to confidently say that I… Continue reading The 5 before the 10.

Racing (?)

My training of late has been good. Maybe too good, according to a twinge in my quad, and a slight ache in my fascia. They aren’t injuries, thankfully a few days off cured them both, but they could have been. They were niggles, warning signs resulting from a pushing of the running envelope. Careful now,… Continue reading Racing (?)

Reflections on Running through Lockdown.

When lockdown restrictions were first put in place in March, I assumed that my work would be deemed non-essential and I’d be off. This did not happen. In fact, what happened was that I ended up working more than usual. Things have now calmed somewhat. The country is attempting (perhaps prematurely, but time will time)… Continue reading Reflections on Running through Lockdown.

Body knows Best.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Allow me to reflect on my recent exertions. I think it’s an important practice.  Yes, we should always be striving forwards, looking forwards, not lingering in the past, especially on something transitory like running. But I reckon that when we’re training ourselves sometimes we have to reflect on our efforts to fully… Continue reading Body knows Best.

Don’t Call it a Comeback, etc.

As I sit here writing I can see the whiteboard which serves as my three week training plan. Across the top is my targeted minimum intake for carbs and protein, a new addition. We’re looking at 116g for protein, 340g carb. It’s just one of several avenues that I’ve explored to try and get rid… Continue reading Don’t Call it a Comeback, etc.

A 5k PB, Winter Training Tips, and a Waterside Marathon.

Photo by Jennifer Birdie Shawker on Unsplash Welcome to the Runners Corner of Some Words On... where I take time out from talking about books, movies, and all my mostly nerdy exploits to write a little about one which is a little less about sitting quietly on the sofa and a little more about getting up out of… Continue reading A 5k PB, Winter Training Tips, and a Waterside Marathon.