On Hills

Within running distance of my house is the lowest point in the United Kingdom: Holme Fen, nine feet below sea level. Hearing athletes talk about the benefits of high altitude training, or espousing on the strengthening qualities of vertical running, whilst I live and run in one of the flattest, lowest points of Earth that… Continue reading On Hills

Runners Book Club: North

This is how North begins: “Scott Jurek is one of the greatest ultramarathon runners of all time and a living legend. North tells the story of his biggest challenge, undertaken at the end of a career full of glittering achievements: breaking the speed record for the Appalachian Trail, the famous path that runs for nearly… Continue reading Runners Book Club: North

The Bleeding Edge

Running is an unglamorous hobby.  I will say that the Americans at least give it a good old go, they try to spruce it up a bit, which I suppose is fair to say: as they do with anything, and especially as they do with sport. They embrace the cinematic quality of exercise, the natural… Continue reading The Bleeding Edge

Just a tad of adventure.

There is something wrong with my foot, there’s not really any doubt about that. When I wake up in the morning and stumble down the steps it feels like running is the last thing that I should be doing, and even walking around is a bit of a messy, uncomfortable affair. Except, it tends to… Continue reading Just a tad of adventure.