Rutland Night Run, A Barefoot Bonanza, and Desert Dedication.

Welcome to the Runners Corner of this little blog of bits and bobs. Mostly this is a place for, you know, nerd stuff. Books, films, and games. But when I’m not sat on my skinny arse in-doors sucking up some hot fresh content, I’m out running. Because everyone needs something to keep them sane. Every… Continue reading Rutland Night Run, A Barefoot Bonanza, and Desert Dedication.

Supplementing, Inside/Outside, and a Magical Weekend.

Since I began working in a health food shop I have had easy (read: discounted) access to a bunch of supplements, and some of them are sold as being beneficial for weight loss, muscle soreness, recovery, and energy. I never really bothered with them too much, not keen on the idea of becoming reliant on… Continue reading Supplementing, Inside/Outside, and a Magical Weekend.