Not Running Music

Some point last year I went running with a couple of albums and really enjoyed the experience, so much so that I intended on starting a segment called Soundtrack to… where I would pair up albums with particular runs as if I were pairing an entrée with wine. This didn’t last long, mostly because soon… Continue reading Not Running Music

A Run, In Words: 12 Miles in the Chilterns.

I last visited the Chiltern Hills, and Ivinghoe Beacon, in warmer, drier times. My trail shoes got dusty from the chalk escarpments, but they weren’t muddy. My legs were sore from the climbs, but my glutes weren’t barking for working so hard to keep me upright on the slip ‘n slide sections.  The Chilterns is… Continue reading A Run, In Words: 12 Miles in the Chilterns.

Four On.

I’ve been a little lapse on writing the blog recently, simply because I’ve been training so much. For the last four weeks I have most definitely been On. Which is to say I've been knuckling down and going for it, stretching my peak mileage, and doing at least two sessions a week. At first being On… Continue reading Four On.

Rutland Night Run, A Barefoot Bonanza, and Desert Dedication.

Welcome to the Runners Corner of this little blog of bits and bobs. Mostly this is a place for, you know, nerd stuff. Books, films, and games. But when I’m not sat on my skinny arse in-doors sucking up some hot fresh content, I’m out running. Because everyone needs something to keep them sane. Every… Continue reading Rutland Night Run, A Barefoot Bonanza, and Desert Dedication.

Running Wet, Running Hungry, and Running for Soup.

Photo by Inge Maria on Unsplash I wouldn’t say that I’m a fair-weather runner, but with a treadmill easily accessible to me I do, fairly frequently, ditch my road runs for treadmill sessions when the weather is grim. Recently the weather has indeed been particularly grim, and although I still believe there are benefits to running on the… Continue reading Running Wet, Running Hungry, and Running for Soup.