What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Runners Book Club)

When I discussed Born to Run last week there was no shortage of topics to talk about. There was bare foot running, mentality, diet, travel, everything and anything which you can imagine surrounding the running world because although the book was very much about one writers journey, in the grander scheme of things it was… Continue reading What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Runners Book Club)

Born to Run (The Runners Book Club)

This is a blog primarily about two things: Reading, and running. Mostly I talk about those things separately, although for me there is natural connective tissue between the two subjects. Running and reading promote the thing I crave most: focus. It is a common enough expression: To get lost in a book. You can get… Continue reading Born to Run (The Runners Book Club)

Mind Games, Self-Talk, and Tolkien.

I often get asked: what do you think about when you run? It’s an interesting question, but not one that I always have an answer for. It’s a difficult task remembering thought, so all that I’m certain about is that it can’t be the same thing every time. I’m no Eliud Kipchoge, I can’t completely… Continue reading Mind Games, Self-Talk, and Tolkien.