Something about 5k.

The 5K is seen as a beginners distance in running. It is often the first “proper” distance that runners will look to complete, firstly in their training, and then in racing, often in the form of the sorely missed parkrun format. It also offers up some neat time barriers for runners to break through. A… Continue reading Something about 5k.

Not Running Music

Some point last year I went running with a couple of albums and really enjoyed the experience, so much so that I intended on starting a segment called Soundtrack to… where I would pair up albums with particular runs as if I were pairing an entrée with wine. This didn’t last long, mostly because soon… Continue reading Not Running Music

Autumn Watch

It isn’t autumn just yet, but the storm strength winds which have been recently blowing through have littered the paths, roads, and trails with leaves, giving the sense that although it may not actually be here, it is most definitely on the way.  It has been a strange summer. Early in the year I was… Continue reading Autumn Watch

Training Terrain

When it comes to running, the road is what it is. It’s flat, hard, stable. As a surface it’s uninteresting, although running on road is not necessarily boring - if the scenery is good or the pace is hard, or if it’s uphill, then road running can be just as engaging as any other type… Continue reading Training Terrain

The Bleeding Edge

Running is an unglamorous hobby.  I will say that the Americans at least give it a good old go, they try to spruce it up a bit, which I suppose is fair to say: as they do with anything, and especially as they do with sport. They embrace the cinematic quality of exercise, the natural… Continue reading The Bleeding Edge

Keep calm and…

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash Stay at home? Quarantine continues, running continues. Despite some threats. The British public cannot completely behave itself when the sun comes out, this is a fact. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west, and the British lose their goddam minds as soon the temperature pops above 15 degrees. So… Continue reading Keep calm and…