Don’t Call it a Comeback, etc.

As I sit here writing I can see the whiteboard which serves as my three week training plan. Across the top is my targeted minimum intake for carbs and protein, a new addition.

We’re looking at 116g for protein, 340g carb. It’s just one of several avenues that I’ve explored to try and get rid of my tendonitis, to try and make it so I am, preferably, never ever injured again.

I’m not stupid enough to believe that this is likely to happen, but still, it’s nice to dream.

As it is, something has worked. It’s probably all the easy days which are scrawled in place of workouts across the same whiteboard. Perhaps it’s all the complete off days I’ve had.

Nothing beats rest.

Until you’ve had enough of it.

Resting is surprisingly hard. Luckily I’ve been able to cross-train without discomfort, using bike workouts to keep a base of aerobic fitness, and using some targeted weight and bodyweight training to keep the necessary muscles as toned as they can be but…

It’s not the same as running, is it?

In any case I am, in some respects, back. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been taking it easy, mixing in some super light treadmill running with the bike workouts. Then I started creeping back onto the track and road. After a full track session on Tuesday and a 8.5 miler out in the sleet/snow the morning that I’m writing this, I’m hoping I’ve lit the signal fire to indicate return to fitness and that the Running Gods will be kind.

Divine intervention notwithstanding I’ve still got to be careful. The injury has taught me that freshness has so far been an under-rated aspect of my training.

Pre-injury I was really tearing myself up to get to the 50 mile mark, running far too many fast miles. The way I’ve enjoyed my last two runs, the way my legs have felt energised, bouncy, it makes me appreciate what running slow, or not running at all, can do for you. It’s obvious to me that running slow helps running fast, but it is easy to preach that and weirdly difficult to practise, especially when you have specific targets in mind.

Now, races are approaching.

On Sunday I have a fairly casual, but potential quite tough regardless, cross-country 5 miler to get me warmed up for some tougher occasions in the coming months. If I can get my nutrition right, keep the majority of my mileage light and breezy, then I’m looking forward to registering some of the best performances of running career so far.

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