So Bloody Green 

I went away for two weeks and when I came back the seasons had changed. The heath where I go to run before work, and retreat to during my break, has sprouted. Its trees and bushes and fields are verdant, bright. The grass pops green, clashes with the yellow of the rape flower. Every year… Continue reading So Bloody Green 

6am, pouring rain.

Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash I’m sure on that grim day there were thousands of runners who laced up and went out, but in the moment there was no denying the immense self satisfaction that came to me from running at an unsensible hour, in unsensible conditions.  In that sodden moment I was the… Continue reading 6am, pouring rain.

Easy, Breezy

Photo by Jordan Ladikos on Unsplash I usually come to the page for these blogs with a concept in mind, or maybe something specific that I have learned from the week, something that has troubled me, something particular which has gone well in my progression. This week, I’ve just been running. Yes, the world has gone to hell… Continue reading Easy, Breezy