6am, pouring rain.

Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash I’m sure on that grim day there were thousands of runners who laced up and went out, but in the moment there was no denying the immense self satisfaction that came to me from running at an unsensible hour, in unsensible conditions.  In that sodden moment I was the… Continue reading 6am, pouring rain.

Running Wet, Running Hungry, and Running for Soup.

Photo by Inge Maria on Unsplash I wouldn’t say that I’m a fair-weather runner, but with a treadmill easily accessible to me I do, fairly frequently, ditch my road runs for treadmill sessions when the weather is grim. Recently the weather has indeed been particularly grim, and although I still believe there are benefits to running on the… Continue reading Running Wet, Running Hungry, and Running for Soup.