The Well, The Water.

I firmly believe that most of the time during training your body should feel good. You do not have to be smashing it all of the time to make progress. Space and time to recover is just as important as the sessions themselves and, a lot of the time, you want to be going into… Continue reading The Well, The Water.

Training Diary #1

The more I run, the more I care about running. The more I care about running, the more likely I am to read/watch/listen to other people talk about running, and having done that a lot this week one of the things I’ve picked up on is the idea of creating a training journal, not just… Continue reading Training Diary #1

A 5k PB, Winter Training Tips, and a Waterside Marathon.

Photo by Jennifer Birdie Shawker on Unsplash Welcome to the Runners Corner of Some Words On... where I take time out from talking about books, movies, and all my mostly nerdy exploits to write a little about one which is a little less about sitting quietly on the sofa and a little more about getting up out of… Continue reading A 5k PB, Winter Training Tips, and a Waterside Marathon.

Sunday Morning Stuff 08/12

It is the month of lists. Christmas lists. Best of the year run downs. And this year, seeing as it's a '19 and all, we'll be seeing a lot of best of the DECADE lists. This, I think, is impossible. There is no way that we're about to exist in a different decade to 2010,… Continue reading Sunday Morning Stuff 08/12

Recovering Slow, Thinking Fast, and a Ring of Fire.

The Slow Road. I’ve been injured plenty of times in my relatively short running career and the one consistent thing across every niggle, every strain and pain and snap, is the frustration. I’ve probably never been in as good shape as I had been before I over-did it a month ago and sent myself hurdling… Continue reading Recovering Slow, Thinking Fast, and a Ring of Fire.

The Princess Bride – Classically Lacking #7

In 2018 the world lost William Goldman, writer of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, All the Presidents Men, and The Princess Bride, a movie that, to my great shame, I had never seen. As the industry, and beyond, recalled Goldman’s talent and success, I felt as if I was missing out on something tremendous.