Runners Book Club: Running Free

My first experience of Richard Askwith’s work was a book which I have already discussed here - his biography of Emil Zatopek, Today We Die a Little - but what prompted me to pick up Running Free was an article in the September issue of Runner's World, written by Askwith, in which he returns to… Continue reading Runners Book Club: Running Free

Ivinghoe Beacon

Autumn has kicked into gear in typical British fashion by being completely inconsistent, with the temperatures celebrating the dusky season by kicking themselves up a notch. This is no reason to complain, it is a reason to pursue one of my simpler seasonal goals: to explore some new run routes, ideally involving some hills.  Last… Continue reading Ivinghoe Beacon

Slow Day in the Woods.

I go to the woods at least once a week now. There are hills there that would be good for high effort reps, but I don’t usually go out there for that reason.  After a tough weekend session I needed a win. I needed some peace. I needed to feel good about running. And I… Continue reading Slow Day in the Woods.

The Woods

It can be hard to run without looking your watch, without thinking about mile splits, training effects, or the metrics on the app which you will look at when you get back home. It is the negative of the double edged sword which is technology, in general.  We can analyse ourselves and by extension, on… Continue reading The Woods

Plan B, C, D…

Weird times. Is it as bad as it seems? Or is it worse? I don’t know, and chances are neither do you, and neither does the bloke in the bar proclaiming the coronavirus to, actually, be a global conspiracy to install a regime of martial law around the world. Insert eye roll. Anyway. Spend less… Continue reading Plan B, C, D…